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Default Woman did amputation and here is why it improved her life

I cannot go for a walk for a 2 months, because I broke my leg, I had an operation. Now I'm depressed. I think I will remain helpless. But recently I read an article about a woman named Kristy who had an ''undeveloped'' leg.
A woman from Missouri felt ashamed of her right leg, which stopped growing. She never put on a short skirt and did not even play baseball, so as not to wear shorts. She found the strength to turn to surgery and decided to do amputation of her leg.

And now she is happy with life. This speaks of the power of the spirit of a man. Maybe you do not agree with me, but not every of us have such confidence. She feels comfortable even with one foot. And what about persons like me? We are sad and depressed when we have little problems like a broken arm or leg.

Could you imagine, that now she is going to participate in sport events in Florida. I again compare her person with myself: I do not even want to write an article, it seems to me that life has stopped and I am already 60 (although I'm only 30) and I am not in wheelchair.
But I have no enough confidence like Kristy.

What do you think about that?
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